Top 5 Blog Topic Ideas That Make Money for your blog lifetime

  •    Top 5 Blogging Niche for                             Bloggers

    There are many topics for blog but today I share you best blogging topic for you for blog there are many topic like such as health and technology review and fashion blog and many more but all blog are not may suitable for all select niche that you like and do blog with your interesting topic but i give you batter niche for your blog.

    Searches are also more than average. Bid rate (CPC) should also be good. Competition is low on Keyword. 

    Many bloggers keep searching on such query Internet. You too must have seen many places online earn money yes it is absolutely right. It is very easy to earn money from Online Internet, but it is very important to have patience to earn money from Internet. Today, in the age of Internet, many people have been less in millions through Blogging. But there is also a bitter truth.

    # 1. Health and fitness

    niche Just like there are many blogs in Health Niche in English Language. But there is very little health related blog in Hindi language Devnagiri script. If you like Health related Weight loss Weight gain Body care Skin care Grandmother's tips Ayurveda Fitness Hair Care Beauty catre If you have information related to health, it is good to read about it, then Health Blog can be beneficial for you.
    There are many app on fitness on playstore for fitness and  health you can download our app it is about fitness,

    Health is wealth (healthy is wealth) means everyone is concerned about their health. They try to keep themselves fully fit. If you are a healthy person and have a disease, then

    #2Make money
    Make money is great niche for every bloggers because of millions of people find on internet they find how to earn money online you write blog on this topic

    The problem of unemployment in India is increasing day by day. In such a situation, all want to earn some money to earn a living. Some people are tired of their present job and some people want to start their own startup. In such a situation, if you have any way to earn money which is suitable for those people, then you can start Make Money Niche related blog. Visitors are very much on this Niche. If you publish a good post, you will get success soon.


    Today there are many You Tube Channel and Website which are earning millions only from reviews. Reviews are also a very good topic for a new startup. Reviews include Mobile Reviews, Computer (Laptop / Desktop) Reviews, Technology Review, Automobile Review, Entertainment (Film, Song, Serial) Review.

     This topic has a very good scope this type of topic is boost your blog earning you also get promotion of product easily you also earn money from them easily

     # 4 Personality Development

     Right now millions of people are writing their blogs on this niche. Even today, many Offline Classes of Personality Development are going on. Now you can guess from this, if it is taught through online blogging, how much will the user like. In this, you can also write on topics related to Interview Tips and Motivational Story

    #5 Fashion Blogger

    This type of blog is always on trend if you have fassionate about fashion you can write blog on or you can also try in you real life you can write blog for men and girl ,Fashion blogs are directly related to those blogs which give information about the latest fashion trends, styling and beauty related content. 

    If you go out searching on the Internet, you will find that there are a lot of fashion blogs in this digital era. It is worth noting that most of the blogs are related to the fashion of girls. The number of men's fashion blogs is very small compared to them. In such a situation, mens fashion blogging can be a better career for you. By going ahead in this, you can take a break from your 9 to 5 routine job forever.


    There is no boundary of earning from blog but it depends on your blog niche and traffic and how much visitor you get daily it depends on location of your traffic but in India famous blogger harsh agarwal earn 2 million per month but earning are different from location to location and it mainly depends on content of your blog how much rpm you get if your blog monetize with AdSense it give rpm up to 0.25 to 10$ and if you get 1$ with 500000 page per month t view then you earn 16$ everyday and 116$ weekly and yearly 6033$ yearly
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