How to earn money in 7 ways and save money and earn passive income from home

    Tips to Earn money

#1. Freelancing
Freelancing has always been a popular way to earn money, and this option of earning money on the Internet is quite fantastic. There are many websites offering freelancing for people with different skills. All you have to do is create your account, browse through the listings, and apply for your desired work.

Some websites do personal listings with details of your skills for this so that the freelancing work providers can contact you directly.,, are offering freelancing jobs. Through these websites, you can earn from $ 5 to $ 100 per day sitting at home. If the clients like your work, then they send money to your account. Some clients also recommend opening a PayPall account.

#2Own Website
See, creating a website is no longer a difficult task. You can make money and make yourself by hitting the effort. If you're selling something to visitors and visitors to your website are constantly coming, you can earn from Google AdSense. The more people come to the website, the more money you will get.

#3. Affiliate Marketing (Doing Business Among YourSelves)

Suppose you moved the website, you can give your web link on the website of other companies. If a visitor buys a service or product from such a link, it will give you money.

#4. Conduct surveys, research, or reviews
Many websites pay for online surveys, research, and writing reviews of products. The money will come to your account when you work. That is where you need to be careful. If you share your bank tales with them, you have to take action according to the website's reputation. Sometimes, some of the money that is working is suppressed.

#5. Virtual Assistantship (Handling someone's online work)
Suppose a good man is also a big man. He doesn't have time for his online frills. So he will keep a virtual assistant. It is not necessary that the assistant is with that client. He can handle the work through the Internet from anywhere. You can work like an employee for someone or also set up your own business.

#6. Translation
The people of India also have a power language. As a country, we have a lot of languages and there are a lot of people who use them. Most of the work on the Internet is in English. It is common to speak English in South India, but the North Indians work it. The result is that any article, press release or book can be translated. English translation from English to Indian languages and in Indian languages... Both kinds of work can be done. The market that survives after English comes with languages like Spanish, French, Arab and German.,, and can be seen.

#7. Online Tuition (Master G with Internet)
Suppose you are knowledgeable in a subject, it is a good thing, because the population in the world is so much that a man who takes all kinds of knowledge is sitting. You start sharing knowledge on the Internet. Because of you, a student who is giving the board's exam can also be good and the person who is being lost can also come back. If you are sharing knowledge on the right website, you will also earn money. YouTube is the perfect place.,, and can also be seen.

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Disadvantages of fix deposits:
#1. Don't expect much profit: Everyone knows that FD gives you a chance to invest safely, but the returns in it are not too high or unexpected. Instead of FD, there are all the investment areas in the market that can give you manifold returns than FD.

#2. Liquidity is low: The worst part of the FD is that if you give a premature FD, you get very little benefit. Suppose you invested Rs. 100 for a year. The bank promised that it would give you Rs 120 at the end of the year. But if you take the FD prematurely, it is very likely that you get only Rs. 102-103. This will meet the need for your opportunity, but the goal with which you invested will not be fulfilled.

#3. Low tax savings: As we have counted you in the profitable category, FDs can help you save income tax, but this help is not very high. As compared to FD, the government gives more exemption in income tax on investment in insurance or other government schemes.

One important thing:
In the profit category, we told you about the Reserve Bank's bime. In fact, RBI assures everyone who has FD in the bank that even if the bank sinks, it will not be harmed or less harmed. For this, RBI insures Rs. 1 lakh for every investor. That is, if you are opening an FD in a bank and that bank sinks, you will get One lakh rupees.

The advantage is that your money will not be complete, but the disadvantage is that even if you have invested more than one lakh, you will get only one lakh rupees when the bank sinks. Even if you have kept different FDs open in several branches of the same bank, you will get Rs. 1 lakh. It would be better to reduce the risk that if you are making more than one FD, make them in different banks.

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