How to earn money online and passive income ideas earn money while sleep

How to earn money online passive income

1 YouTube 

 YouTube is main platform to earn money easily in YouTube there are million of creator are earn money more than 10000$ monthly by show their talent in YouTube such as vlog ,  earning tips and real tricks and fun fact and and all types of stuff such make a video of dance and show how to make food in YouTube upload videos and gain subscriber and monetize your YouTube and after getting 4 k watch time and earn money

2 Blog 

The blog topic might you like because of this ideas great to earn money while sleep you can write blog on any niche such as follows
. Fashion
. Travel
. Financial
. Cooking blog
. Tech blog
. Entertainment blog
. News blog
. Educational blog
. Music blog
. Health blog
There are many blogs ideas but fashion blog is always on trending in India blog gger earn 22 lakh money from blog

3 Affliate marketing

Affliate marketing is nothing but it say in own affliate means in simple manner I explain you when you refer any product to another person then you got some amounts of commission you can join Amazon and flikkart affliate to earn share your affliate products earn money while you sleep

4 Rent cars and utilize land and grow business

The person which have car and land and house and building it means you able to earn money lot of money by giving your cars on rent and rent your other thing and get money and can also utilize land and rent house to earn money this ideas definitely work for you in this manner I wanna make lot of money while you sleep

5. App development

App development give you more money in less effort and time because it required one time hard work after viral your app you earn money lot of such as 500% daily easily make app monetize it from admob I have 3 app I earn approximately 100$ per month with less effort and time app development give you money lifetime I tell now a days pubg and freefire game is famous all over the world he earn million of money easily he do hard work 1 year of app development now he earn lot money

Earning money is not difficult but you should do your work in smart way if you want earn money  , you know money can't effort happiness but we effort all the thing if you do job then you not get success because it fullfill your need not as dream that you see to achieve million of money

  6  Investment and saving

There are million of people who had no ideas about investment and saving if you do investment you earn lot of save money start your own business earning is key of success when you do smart work on it you can investment money are follow
. Skill invest for your skill
. Mutual funds
. Share marketing
Rent all the thing which are free for you if you are not using that rent all the thing

Top ideas to earn money in short summery to earn money while you are sleep

Follow this step to earn and grow easily

. Start YouTube channel
. App development
. Travel agent
. Photo grapher 
. Rent cars  bus, truck ... Etc
. Utilize land
. Part time job while you study
. Investment
. Improve your skill 
. Affliate marketing
. Digital marketing
. Seo expert
. Reasercher
. Rent house
. Rent dslr
. Buy gym to earn more... . 
. Make products selling website
. Blog 
. Learn app development

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